Our X Saj meal with crispy golden fries covered with shaved shawarma pickles turnips x Garlic special sauce signature sauce and much more .......
ูˆุฌุจู‡ ุงู„ุตุงุฌ ู…ุน ุงู„ุจุทุงุทุง ุงู„ุฐู‡ุจูŠุฉ ูˆููˆู‚ู‡ุง ุดุงูˆุฑู…ุง ูˆูƒุฑูŠู…ู‡ ุงู„ุซูˆู… ูˆุงู„ู…ุฎู„ู„ ูˆุงู„ู„ูุช ... ููŠ ุงุญู„ุง ู…ู† ู‡ูŠูƒ ุทุจู‚ ู…ุดู‡ูŠุŸ
ุฃู‡ู„ุง ูˆุณู‡ู„ุง ููŠูƒูˆ:)



2 months ago
Was in the area and was craving shawarma. I found this restaurant on google maps. I'm glad I did because the BEEF SAJ definitely hit the spot and satisfied my craving! Decor and art were awesome too. Excellent customer service, really friendly staff and will definitely recommend to everyone who comes across this review :). Plenty of room for social distancing and outdoor patio seating.
- Roland E
2 months ago
Simply the best shawarma i ever had. They are best in business. Thumbs up for taste and quality. Highly recommended for shawarma lovers.
a month ago
It is really one of the best shawarma I ever had. The family platter is a good choice, it can feed 4 adults.. The beef is very good but a bit fatty. I prefer the chicken
- Kafar J

Shawarma Syrian style

Shawarma simply fresh chicken or beef also falafel fresh for you from scratch very delicious X garlic sauce or signature sauce also Tehini sauce and hot sauce. Saj bread is the best or pit also on rice ( this is all) 3 visits you can try them all :)

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